Offers in freshwater tank for your boat

Believe it or not, fresh water can be transported for your convenience in the different tanks (flexible or rigid) offered by; fresh water on board is of utmost importance during a trip.

Salt water damages the body and the best option to solve the amount of saltpetre in the body is taking fresh water showers; as with drinking water, you can now bring water on board without problems.

You can choose small or large tanks, depending on your boat, their capacity ranges from 15 to 280 liters, and their rectangular or elongated shape makes them ideal for placing anywhere on the boat.

What is the best freshwater tank?

In this online shop of nautical spare parts you will find a bit of everything regarding nautical tanks, you can buy the simple or the most technological on the market, the latter have LED panels that tell you how much water is being stored.

nautical water tanks

Among all that the store offers you on this subject, the one that stands out the most is the flexible water tank for a capacity of 15 liters, ideal for a short trip or a weekend on the sea to spend a few different days.

If you need accessories to complement your installation, you can purchase gauges, an indicator clock, ventilation, anti-return valves and bilge pumps, so you can enjoy a shower on board without problems.

Its price is 110.66 euros, but with the 8% discount that the store offers, the final cost is 101.81 euros, making it a little more accessible for you to place your new deposit on your boat.

Apart from the flexible nautical water tank you can purchase the nautical cleaner for water tanks, this ensures that your water will always be sanitized and ready for you to take a shower after swimming by the sea.

In you can find everything you need to cover the deficiencies of your boat and set sail for your holiday trip without delays, once you find yourself on the sea you will manage to forget your problems with what the store offers.

All the products and equipment in the shop have a 2 year quality guarantee; however, they have proven over the years that they only sell reliable, resistant and suitable products for any voyage.

With your freshwater tank ready for your trip, you can also clean saltpetre and seawater debris from any of your boat’s surfaces; this way you’ll get corrosion protection.

Also, the shipping of the store is made to any part of Europe with a flat rate of 5 euros, no matter the size of your order, if you subscribe to their news you will get to opt for a free shipping. to know the quality of this store, you only need to purchase this flexible water tank, install it in the best place on your boat and enjoy the great benefits of this equipment and the store.

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