The mysterious yacht

Last week, while photographing the Radiant yacht, a portman approached me and questioned me about what he was planning to tell me about this boat.

And although I really intended not to write anything about him, finally, and in the interest of this friend of the dock, I will tell you one thing about this impressive yacht.

Regardless of the maritime-sport mystery with which it docked in Malaga, this boat, like the great majority of mega private yachts attached to names of the royalty or the finances, participates of a characteristic common in all these boats. In spite of their enormous dimensions and their perfect finishes, these ships are very cold and impersonal. And although all these yachts are designed, especially their interiors, to the liking of their owners, the result is still something overly ostentatious and devoid of a certain personality.

But leaving these appreciations and going from tipto tip for its impressive figures (5,027 tons gross, 110 meters in length and 18.50 in manga), perhaps the highlight of this super yacht is the small detail of its bow .

The wheel of the Radiant (extension of the keel that comes vertically forming the bow of the boat), is made of a special aluminum treated; Something that gives the hull, also of this aluminum, a very particular benefits when it comes to sailing.

And although this peculiarity we have already seen in other yachts, of greater or smaller size, that have passed through Malaga; Perhaps, this technical innovation, in addition to its pharaonic and brilliant print, is the highlight of the Radiant. A ship that will pass to maritime history Malaga like the mysterious yacht.

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